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Our Introduction

Welcome to Kruzz
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Your partner in every journey. We make your journeys easier for you

To serve humanity is the sole meaning of life. We are serving our purpose the only way we know, by making lives easier. This mission of Kruzz is to help you reach your destinations comfortably, safely, and cost effectively while creating new opportunities to earn a living.

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Choose Your Vehicles

Kruzz Two Wheeler (Bike)

Benefits for Riders
  • Quick Travel Time
  • Affordable Ride
  • Beat the Traffic
Benefits for Drivers
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Low Fuel Expenses
  • Fast Rides

Kruzz Auto Rikshaw

Benefits for Riders
  • Cost-Effective Ride
  • Quick Travel Time
  • Readily Available
Benefits for Drivers
  • More Customers
  • Reasonable Fare
  • No Arguments

Kruzz Economy Car

Benefits for Riders
  • Higher Level of Safety
  • Low Fares
  • Comfortable Experience
Benefits for Drivers
  • More Rides
  • Low Expenses
  • Equal Opportunities

Kruzz Comfort Hatchback

Benefits for Riders
  • Spacious
  • Access Room for Luggage
  • Comfortable Ride
Benefits for Drivers
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher Fares
  • Most Preferred Option

Kruzz Luxury Sedan

Benefits for Riders
  • Premium Seating
  • Travel in Style
  • Luxury Ride
Benefits for Drivers
  • Higher Fares
  • Exclusive Customers
  • Less Effort

Kruzz Protocol (Land Cruiser)

Benefits for Riders
  • Ride with protocol
  • Outshine in events
  • Impress Your Guests
Benefits for Drivers
  • High Fare
  • Less Time
  • Low Effort

Kruzz Travel (Tours)

Benefits for Riders
  • Intercity Travelling
  • Comfortable Journey
  • Affordable Fare
Benefits for Drivers
  • More Rides
  • Fewer Rounds
  • High Earnings


Why Choose Us


Reliability is the precondition for trust. It is our priority to earn your trust through efficient service. We don"t inflict our rules on customers. We simply provide what they expect. Consider the issues you face with other transportation companies; we guarantee you won"t experience any of them with us. But, why believe what we say? Give us a try and you"ll know for sure!


We offer affordable prices while not diminishing our quality of service. Our unique business model enables us to provide the most cost effective rides for you while compensating drivers more than other competitors. We also charge modest service charges.


We understand that you use our service for your comfort. No matter what the traffic or weather, you"ll enjoy a stress-free ride. Our drivers and vehicles have to go through a screening process before they can work with us. We instruct every driver to ensure you don’t feel unsafe, irritated, or uncomfortable at any point of your journey. After all, there is no point in our work if we can"t provide you comfort.


We know that it is a common concern, especially for females, that are afraid of the driver or the condition of the vehicle. But you will be surprised by our professional service once you ride with us. Not only do we scrutinize drivers and their vehicles, we also have them follow specific protocols for your safety. We trace every ride, driver, and rider to make sure everyone feels secure.

Free Trips

We know you love free trips, and we offer as much as we can. Unlike other companies, our free trip offers are not only during holidays. We have a lot for our new customers, and even more for regular customers. You will keep receiving free tips and discounts as you keep riding with us.

Sign Up & Referral Bonus

We would love to have you on board with us. That"s why we offer bonuses to not only our new members but to those who referred you to us. You can join our Kruzz family now and enjoy a bonus that no transportation service offers. Ride with us; if you like our service, help us expand our family members. In return, we"ll reward you with more bonuses for each referral.


We motivate people to work & earn.

Unbiased Decisions Over Disputes

In other transportation companies, drivers are often not treated fairly when a customer registers a complaint. Kruzz considers all drivers as apart of our family and treats them with the same level of respect as our customers.

Swift Payment Return

Drivers at Kruzz aren"t forced to reach a difficult target to receive what they have earned. We have a swift payment method, and we return drivers’ earnings as fast as possible without any problems.

Health and Accidental insurance

You don"t need to worry if you get sick or face an accident while driving for us. We take responsibility for our esteemed members and provide health and accidental insurance to help them in difficult times.

Educational Support

At Kruzz, we consider each driver a regular employee and provide the same benefits. We help kids of our drivers get the best education for a bright future by providing educational support.

Discounted Phone Packages

Making calls to riders is an important part of the job. We don"t push that expense on our drivers. To ensure a better service, you can make phone calls to pick up customers at the company’s expense.

Earn More Than Other companies

Other companies earn from you, but we help you earn more. Our business model is designed to benefit the drivers even at the cost of the company. We offer better rates to drivers than our competitors.

Discount on Auto Maintenance

It is understandable that drivers use their vehicles for our work. Machines need maintenance, which costs money, but you don"t have to worry about it. Kruzz provides special discounts for auto maintenance to its drivers.

Exciting on board Benefits

Our team will always be available to solve the queries/problems of our customers to make their experience comfortable and reliable. You can call us at our customer support line anytime. We are always here to assist you!

Car Financing Capability

You want to earn by becoming a car driver at Kruzz but don"t have a car? Don"t worry. We offer easy car financing options to our drivers to help them make a decent living.

Exciting Lucky Draw

You can expect exciting prizes and rewards when driving for us. One of our practices is to conduct lucky draws for all drivers to keep them motivated and happy with their work.


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